Oversimplifying This

Maybe in the summer I only post once a month.

Kidding. I know that's what it looks like. But it's...not.

At least I have news today. I'm going to self-e-publish. {Well, now it's official. It's on the blog.}

The goal is that Those Who Trespass will hit Amazon in the middle of August. Which isn't that far away, now that I think of it. But there's not much left. I've been polishing away so that the MS is nice and shiny. Then to format it for Kindle and delve into cover design. Then click publish.

Am I oversimplifying this? I feel like I'm oversimplifying this.

Maybe it is one of those moments where if you really knew how much agony you were going to endure, you'd never start.

Anyway, I am armed with well-written novel and a happy-making review from Publisher's Weekly from the Amazon contest--

--oh, you haven't read that yet? Well, now. Maybe it will just have to hop over to the blog one of these days--

Anyway, that's the update. And I plan to be on a frequent blog-posting schedule for the rest of the summer. I miss the YA blogosphere so much!

Any e-publishing stories/advice, feel free {please, please, please!} to send my way! Have you looked into it? Am I oversimplifying the process?

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