Well, I'm Back

Well, I'm back.

I'm graduated now. I have a degree in physics, a piece of paper that says people should think I'm smart. {Not that I am smart, but that they should think so.}

I have a boyfriend. Four months and counting. He's great. He surpasses every romantic interest I ever dreamed up. And yes, we have a years-long story of unrequited affection worth its own adorable book, someday. He has the same fancy piece of paper I have {two of them, actually}, so people should also think he is smart {they're right; he is}.

As noted in December, I'm not pursuing graduate school. However, that non-profit isn't off the table. I'm currently a little bit in limbo at present, but my dream right now is a part-time job {preferably at the non-profit, which will mean formally moving to Austin to live in an actual apartment for which I pay actual rent} and filling up the rest of the time with writing.

I still haven't given up on writing. Yes, I find myself in a weird state. I haven't written fiction in months, and the thought of it is daunting. I don't want to return to this long-lost friend and find our conversation stilted and awkward. If I keep myself busy with not-writing things, then I don't have to.

Other potential writing ventures have captured my interest. I'm not leaving fiction, but I have an idea for a non-fiction book, which I'll call Pages for now, for which I've already written over 5000 words. The Boyfriend and I are also attempting to write a nonfiction physics textbook supplement. It's difficult writing a book with your boyfriend; you get distracted gazing into each other's eyes.

Writing this blog post means a little bit of accountability. I hereby promise to work on fiction, Pages, and/or the physics book in the coming days. I also promise to post updates. So I better do something worth updating about, yeah?