Image of the Creator: A Facebook Note

While this note is not exactly personal, it delves deeper into me than most of the things you see in me. So, please don't think I'm weird. Or, if you do, just think I'm weird because I'm a writer. I'll accept that.

I originally wrote this in my diary, but I find it such an interesting concept that I'm copying it here.

...I am here because I was looking in the mirror and trying to tdo the "movie poster" pose of my chosen characters [that I have written]:
Kassi, the princess
Anne, the spy
Grace, the half-breed
Es, the orphan
Rain, the pop-star

And I couldn't. I mean, in the mear they all looked the same. Their posture, their stance, their eyes - all their same in the mirror.

It wasn't how they looked. Kassi has curly hair. Anne is red-haired. It was their...inner being, their soul.

Was me.

I thought it odd that such different characters -- not just different situations, mind you, but different characters - should all reflect me.

And I realized, they were created in my image.

That is what that verse means! It doesn't mean we look like God, but it means that He has written us into being. The infinite creativity of His heart.

It explains how we can all be so different, yet we all mirror God.

And I just said, "Wow."

God said, "Yeah, Pretty 'wow' isn't it?"

And all I could do was nod.

If I didn't write, I never would have discovered this. Or perhaps I would. Perhaps an artist sees this phenomenon in his paintings - or a musician in his music.

I am just so intrigued by this gift of creativity that we've been given by God. He is the Creator, yet He grants us creativity. We are able to experience Him through our own creations. It is like being able to comprehend a piece - and just a very small piece - of His heart.

It is like having a similar interest as the guy/gal you like.

It permits you to be friends.

What a beautiful gift, this ability to create! God is so bountiful. Not only did He give us His son, but He gives us the stars and the trees and lakes and streams. Then He tells us that we ourselves can create.

This gift gets taken for granted so often! Lord, thank You! I love this! You have blessed me with unending love. I love You! I never want to be without You!

God is a lover.

I am a lover. Or the beloved, rather.

I am beloved.

It's amazing!

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