Oh, I am in glorious ecstasies of rapture! This is so very, very lovely, but it does take some background to understand. I'll try to outline it quickly.

One of the last scenes of The Girl with Violet Eyes had to reveal both Norina's and Absalom's true characters to the sultan. It was absolutely necessary. It's the scene where the villain "gets it," as it were. I knew that Norina died, knew it qui--

Oh! I just realized something else! Oh, beautiful, beautiful day!

Anyway, I knew it quite well. I wasn't sure who would be doing the killing, but I knew it was because she tried to kill either Ivolet or Daniel, or even the sultan. I was considering having Daniel kill her and thus solidify his never-to-be-sultan-ness. But I just couldn't see Daniel doing that.

Today, I realized that Absalom never dies. He just keeps on living and living, as far as I can tell, the heir to the throne. We can't have that! I never thought I would like mistakes, but this one is beautiful. Of course, he will be in that last scene and challenge Daniel and all shall be perfect! And now, what's more, I've thought of a better murder for Norina than having Daniel kill her to defend Ivolet. There's no heroism in that, but this new way shall tie up so many loose ends and arrange everything nicely!

It's magnificent. It's like knowing that you're missing several puzzle pieces and going along with the puzzle anyway, and then you find them - or some of them! Oh, happy day!

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