Fantasy Eyeliner

The Evich empire has always been loosely based on Persia. I'll just say that right out. It's not really Persia, and there's a lot of things that don't match up and don't bother me. But here is something.


I've always thought that the sultan, at least, wore eyeliner on a regular basis. He's always reminded me, in face and manner, at least, of Xerxes in One Night With the King. That Xerxes wore eyeliner. Now I'm dressing Daniel for a formal event and wondering if he would wear it, too. It doesn't bother me if he does, and I normally wouldn't mention it except that I've already made one or two references to "kohl" that is worn on the eyes. In those sentences, it's directly referring to women wearing eyeliner.

I don't care if male not-Persian Evich wear eyeliner. I think they do. But will it creep people out if Daniel is in his room putting on eyeliner? Do they even care? My big problem is historical accuracy, which is kind of funny because this is obviously fantasy and I haven't cared about historical accuracy in anything else.

One Night With the King. This figure has been my inspiration in form and manner for Adome Sultan. His eyeliner changes the way you look him in the eyes and makes you stand up a little straighter, I think.

Below: 300. Okay, now he is creepy. (I haven't seen 300 and don't have an overwhelming desire to do so.) But again, Persian eyeliner, even if it is really fake and strange-looking.

So I thought I would be able to find more pictures, but I can't. Prince of Persia, why can't you dress Jake up just once? Okay, fine.

Maybe only the sultan wears eyeliner. That solves all my problems of writing stuff down. Daniel can wear eyeliner in my head if I want him to, but the only eyeliner worth noting is the sultan's.

Thank you. Glad that got figured out. In the meantime, you can admire Persian men with creepy amounts of eyeliner. Ooooookay. Not looking at this post for a while.

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