A Whole Week's Worth of Writing - Wasted

When I think of you
All the work, all the joy
The ecstasy with rhythm
The despair with voice
I mourn

Computer, why dost thou torture
Word, why dost thou not autosave the autosaved
A whole week’s worth of writing – wasted
I can remember how they felt
But they’ll never be the same

My fingers brush the keys again
Something’s missing
The touch of a virgin story
Untasted, untried
Has disappeared
Now it’s hardened

How to make it feel new again?
How to redeem the fallen?
Give up, give up, give up
But I can’t
For every book must carry
A first chapter that stirs our hearts
Or all the rest of it
Will never be read

So, begin again
And press on
Press forward
2000 words lost
100,000 to go
Consider it done

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Nonexistant anymore said...

My reaction:
How sad!