Pride Cometh Before A Fall

I thought I had the first chapter down. I really did. And then I started presenting myself with all these possible outcomes (If Ivolet is the main character, how come Daniel's thoughts/actions is how the first two chapters start out?). Knowing that I change point-of-views frequently enough to be noted, I had been taking my cue from that authoress I mention way too often - Megan Whalen Turner - especially from The Queen of Attolia. And then I wondered, why not write it like A Conspiracy of Kings.

I thought it would solve all my problems. ACoK has a third-person Preface, a first-person Part 1, a third-person Interlude, a first-person Part 2, and a third-person Epilogue. I was considering something very similar (except my Preface is first-person present-tense), and I thought it was brilliant. I knew just where the Interlude and Epilogue were. I thought it would help me with keeping secrets and revealing thoughts.

It messed me up. In the past three days the first chapter has been the following, respectively: third-person Daniel POV, first-person Ivolet POV, third-person Ivolet POV, first-person Ivolet POV, and now it's back to third-person Daniel/Ivolet POV. I've written more words, and deleted more words, than I ever had as a goal. It's rather pathetic.

And I've been switching, inserting "Ivolet" instead of "I", and "her" instead of "my" and "me". I know I haven't discovered my voice, exactly, but I do know quite well that Ivolet's voice is not my voice. Which means that inserting third-person words in a first-person story is not a good idea if you want to keep even a part of the proper voice for the story.

So, at this point, I'm sticking with third-person. It's what my first two drafts have been, and I'm sticking with what I know and what I know well. The first chapter of Ivolet will begin with Daniel's POV and switch somewhere in the middle to Ivolet's. Hopefully, I can do this fluidly and flawlessly and, most of all, unnoticeably. PLEASE! (Does anyone have any hints about this? Any stuff you've tried with success? Any articles/blog posts that would be of use?)

I used to see all these woes and helps about point-of-view and go, "Oh, well, glad that's not my problem!"

Pride cometh before a fall. Remember that.

(I've got another decision coming up, this time related to the blogosphere and not writing, but I think I'll put it in a separate blog post. Simpler that way.)

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Nonexistant anymore said...

Ah yes, POV can be very troublesome. In my NaNovel last year I switched POV constantly; though it remained in third-person I was always inside someones head, seeing everything from their perspective and I constantly switched whose head that was. Now in my rewrite it only changes a couple of times per chapter. :) Sorry I don't have any advice or tips.
Right now my greatest difficulty is that I'm writing from the perspective of someone who is deaf, therefore no dialog. That gets a little annoying and troublesome.

Melody said...

At one time, I wished for the whole book to be in the same point of view, third person.
I've stopped wishing that. :)
That story sounds interesting! That's a new concept, and I can see how it would be hard to write.