Bliss of Books

I. Am. So. Happy.

Books. I got books. From the library (best place on earth?? just maybe), and in the mail from the incredible Sara B. Larson who had a contest that you may remember me winning.

Yes, I got The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner today, a beautiful, hardback, dust-jacketed, brand new, one-dollar-from-this-first-edition-donated-to-the-Red-Cross novella about Bree Tanner, introduced in Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse. It's so pretty and shiny and new (I hardly ever have new books!) and is just calling me so!

Then there's Crown Duel and Court Duel, which were on my list to get when I walked into the library. I've read them before. Loved them before. Can't wait to get back to them now (yes, I read books more than once.). They have the most amazing cover art, maybe my favorite cover art of all time. So princessy and romantic and realistic and pretty! And they are all that - in the book. I don't know why more people haven't heard of Sherwood Smith and this wonderful duo (later compiled into one book and entitled Crown Duel). My library has them shelved in the adult fiction section, so I'm sure they never get read by those meant to read them. (Maybe they've had them since before YA was a genre? I'm not sure.)

Also vying for attention is the mysterious and unknown The Door of No Return, by Sarah Mussi. It was shelved standing up, you know, so you see the cover and pick it up and take it home. Looks like an intriguing adventure novel, you're basic mystery/treasure/someone-trying-to-get-there-first-and-won't-mind-killing-you story. I'm either gonna like it and read the whole thing, or I'll be, "I've read this before" in the first chapter and never continue. Which is sad. But, as you can see, my list of books to read is long.

In the library, I picked up a book by W. Dale Cramer that looked interesting. Upon perusal, I realized he had written another book. Upon perusal of that book, I realized that his first book was Sutter's Cross. Published by Bethany House. Looks interesting, and I hope I'll like it. Christian literature is so iffy. You have brilliant authors like Lewis, Dekker, and Peretti, and then there are authors who honestly write poorly. I'm really hoping that Sutter's Cross doesn't disappoint.

Last, but absolutely not least, was something long awaited. I had no idea that it was out yet in the United States (already!). I was browsing the new adult fiction (which I rarely do, because, well, I'm not all that into adult fiction) and my eyes brushed past this book. I did a double-take. There it was, John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice, Book 8: The Kings of Clonmel. Way to make my day! (And make me mad. Why on earth is this book in the Adult Science Fiction section?! I may have to have a talk with them about it after I finish, but I'll be the first to admit that Will Treaty has been growing up - and right along with me, much to my delight.) Anyway, I'm very, very excited about this one. It hasn't been too long since Book 7 enthralled me with suspense and laughter, and I have no doubts that Flanagan has worked his magic again. If he ever stops writing these, I shall be most disheartened.

And of course, I'm in the middle of something right now (Gates of Fire, by Steven Pressfield). Will I betray it for another? Ha. Probably. (You'll get a GoF review when I finish it, I promise.) But for whom?? That's the question...

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