Well, I'm back. Sleep-deprived, but back. "Camp" was amazing. I got to lead 6th/7th grade girls at night and a random mix of girls during the day - the Yellow Team. We Yellow girls (along with the Yellow boys) went to a house and totally renovated and cleaned. They made such a huge difference, I was amazed. And God totally showed up during our morning and evening rallies. Totally. Yeah, it's all going in my Top 10 Best Weekends Ever list.

During those days (Wed PM - Sat PM), I got the chance to journal for only 5 minutes. Yet so much happened, and I'm desperate not to forget it all. So I'm journaling now. I spent 3 hours typing it all up yesterday (funny: you write it all down and type it all up). Usually I journal with handwriting in my pretty pink diary (my 4th journal since I turned 18 last year), but I knew I would never finish if I did that this time. So forget the romanticism, I'm typing it, and then I'll print it and glue it in my diary.

I'm so far from finished. As I said, I spent 3 hours yesterday - and I only got through Thursday. I still have all day Friday, Saturday, and then the unexpected amazingness that occurred at church Sunday morning. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but I'm determined to finish. Also, I won't write any stories until this is complete - so I'm on a roll.

Thus, today is a day of catch-up. Chores again, and my room is still a mess because I never emptied out my backpack, just rifled through it to get clothes to wear yesterday. And then I'll be journalling and trying to ignore the fact that Word 2007 is giving me the "Sorry, I can't display that font because I'm out of insufficient disk space" (??????) view.

So, do you journal? I always had people ask me that when they learned I was a writer, but I didn't start writing religiously until I turned 18. Now I'm addicted. How often do you write stuff down?

Happy writing to all of you today! :)

Apparently, neither journalling nor journaling is the correct spelling. Apparently, it's not even a word. However, I am going to use it, and I guess I can just use both spellings!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you had an awesome time, though busy.

I do a lot of journalling, and most of it goes on my blog. Some of it is written with pencil on slips of scratch paper.