Me, Writing A Book

*hasn't typed anything for 2 minutes*
*looks around, sees Avatar flyer*

Hmmm, I want to see Avatar again. But I only want to see it in 3D at the Imax. Sad. Things I'll never get to do again in life.

Oh, I like this song. It sounds like a World War II battlefield. Heroic. I see nurses with white caps and red crosses. Lots of sacrificial deeds.

Oh, I really need to cash that check. Are we going into town today? After the bank closes. Oh, well.

Phone. Dark. I wish someone would text me. And then I could text them back. Because I'm bored.

No, no! Don't text me! I'm in the middle of writing a book. I can't be disturbed. You'll make me lose my concentration! Ruin my focus! Go away!

Book. Right. *alt-tab back to Word from Twitter*

"No order needed to be given for the camouflaged soldiers to rise up out of the plains."
That was a stupid sentence. What am I supposed to do with that sentence anyway?

Ooooh, Beauty and the Beast soundtrack! Mystery, intrigue, fairy tales. I love fairy tales. Good morning, Belle!

Book, book, book - I think I'm supposed to be writing a book.

I'm tired. I don't care about camouflaged soldiers anyway. It sounds so World War II, and this is a fantasy-ish thing. 

Must. Write.

If I had written a book instead of my mind wandering, I might have finished 2000 words before breakfast. Wouldn't that have been sweet? I could have tweeted about it. It would be loverly.

Wouldn't it be loverly?

This is where I press that little button that disconnects me from the internet...

There you go. In real-time.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Sounds like me when I'm supposed to be working. yay! internet!

Cruella Collett said...

How did you get inside my head, and who gave you permission to post my thoughts?! ;) I can be a mean procrastinator, and there is nothing like the internet to get me going. Good luck in the disconnecting part (I might have to try it sometime)!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like me, too. Yay for distractions! Not :P

Jayne said...

This is SO familiar! :)