New Interviews Soon

Writing is a fundamental aspect of communication. Some use it only for academic purposes. Others consider it an art...

...Oh, you want to hear the BIG NEWS? Right. Gotcha. (I hope you think it's worthy of capital letters. I really, really do.) :)

It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that there's more to our characters than what gets put in the books. (I mean, Lydia Kang was momentarily stumped in deciding their favorite colors, and Shannon Whitney Messenger reminded us that our characters' secrets influence their actions.) I know there's things about Ivolet (and Daniel, and Quin, and Martin, and Ramir, and the sultan...) that no one will ever know unless they ask.

The idea is a cross between the Director's Commentary and a Writing Exercise in Voice. It'll be fun to share the things that make our characters special, but it will also be good practice for feeling how they talk when they're not in a book. We'll get in better touch with our characters, and they'll get to reveal who they really are.

Sound like fun?

Since Friday seems to be the day to do something random and fun (lists of links, funny videos, query interviews, etc...) appears on everyone's blog, I figured it was as good a day as any. It will be a great way to promote your book, your blog, and your creative mind.

To give you an example of what it will look like, I'll go first tomorrow.

Want to have an interview next week?

  • You leave a comment on THIS POST. (If your email address is not visibly connected to your Google profile or blog, you need to leave your email address in the comment.)
    • I don't care how many followers your blog has or whether or not you're with an agency or published. This is just for fun. ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE.
  • Using Random.org, I'll choose one commenter and get in touch with you via email tomorrow (Friday).
  • You can choose any character that you've created. A main character, a minor character, from a Work in Progress, one on query or submission, or one you've left behind long ago.
  • You MUST be able to get your answers to me by Monday (7/19) at MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME. If you can't, you can wait until next week. (Still feel free to comment, though. If the randomizer lands on you, I'll just do it again.) :)
  • The interview will be posted on Friday (7/23) morning, all linked to your blog. (You can link to mine, too, that morning, if you want...) :)
One more thing: Got a book coming out soon and want your interview timed for the best possible marketing? Like in a couple of months during the big push? We can do that, too. :)

Got a question? Confused? Comment or email anyway and I'll do my best to explain away your problems!

So - GO!

And, yeah, I may just be using some of those questions from yesterday...


Anonymous said...

This is a really cool idea! I'm not participating... oh wait, maybe I am because even though I've never written a novel I've made up characters for potential ones.

Melody said...

Up to you! :)