Someone Besides Me *Cares*

The friends I've made through blogging are amazing. (A big hug to Elana Johnson, who really does answer emailed questions! What would we do without her?) I love cheering every one of you on in your pursuit of story and publication, and I know that you are doing the same for me. It's encouraging to know that there's a world - albeit a virtual world - that is with me!

But then there's the real world. And right now, I want to give a shout-out to those real-world friends that encourage us through our journey. The ones that believe in us and want us to keep trying. The ones that actually care. They aren't necessarily writers themselves, but they are friends.

We'll call her TC. She's about my age, a long-time acquaintance and hopefully a long-time friend. Since we've been in the same social circle for the past few months, she's known that I'm writing a book. (Everyone knows I'm writing a book. I have to have some explanation for the fact that I have no job and don't go to school.)

In a discussion several weeks ago, I listed my greatest, current joy as the fact that my book was progressing very well (that was before the writer's block, hehe), and I heard something behind me. It was a veiled, excited whisper. "Yes!" It was TC. And I'm sitting there, thinking, someone besides me cares????

Last week, she asked about it again. She wants to read it, but after learning where I was (Chapter 9) told me to write more before I gave it to her because she's "a fast reader."

This past Wednesday, she asked me, without any introduction, "What chapter are you on?"


She smiled. "That's three more than last week!"

It makes me want to cry. I know that many of my friends believe in me and what-not, but she's the first one who has cared about progress and how it's really going. Like, really cared. As in, remembered what chapter I was on the week before, cared. And I'm honored - so, so, so very honored.

So, this is for TC. And all you real-life people who encourage us daily. You may not know how much it means to a writer that you are interested and hopeful in what we're doing. Thank you for believing in us, thank you for asking about our writing, thank you for your encouragement.

(Any real-life encouragement stories you want to share? Any real-life people who have made a difference in your writing? Shout out here!)

Thanks, TC, for not thinking that a 19-year-old writing about princesses is strange.


Anne Gallagher said...

Elana is the bomb! And it's nice you have TC. That's great you have such a wonderful person in your life who cares.

Creepy Query Girl said...

God, I wish I had someone in my 'real' life that cared about my writing. With my first book, I had a cousin who was reading the chapters as I wrote them but it was by email. It'd be great to have someone I could have a real conversation with about writing or my material. I wish I could buy a 'TC' lol.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful that you have a friend like that! My family is supportive, but they don't really understand much about it (both publishing and freelancing and website copy writing). My dad just wants me to write a memoir about the family struggles (and it tells like a soap opera).

Lisa Gail Green said...

Oooh glad I found your blog! It looks great. I don't know what I'd do without the support of all my friends (both online and in the "real" world)

Lia Victoria said...

That's spectacular! The people I have in real life haven't ever laughed at me when I told them I'm writing (cue huge, HUGE sighs of relief) and I'm grateful for that, even if they don't care enough to ask where I am.

That's what meeting new writers on the web if for ;]

Jayne said...

Hello Melody! Came here by way of Anne's blog (Piedmont Writer). It is great that you have people in real life who have your back - everyone needs someone who believed in them. Hooray to TC!