Library Treasures :)

Today, dear blog-o-sphere, you outdid yourself. Just about every post was interesting, which meant that - of course! - I had to comment, which means that now I'm writing this post 30 mins later than I intended. And minutes are important to my unofficially-but-officially-in-my-brain scheduled life, even if there is only 30 of them.

But yes, today I went to the library. Always a good thing.

Me, In The Library:

*Walks straight for computer catalog. Searches: Mockingjay.* Sigh. Still out.
Okay, how about Fang then? *searches* Ooooh, it's in!! *writes it down*

Anything on Edmond Halley (my new hero)? What? Only two junior biographies? Wrong, man, just wrong. Okay, what about anything on navigation (my new pursuit)? No. Longitude (my long-time interest)? Ooooh, a book called Longitude (Dava Sobel); this should be good. *writes it down*

*Heads over to Young Adult section to get Fang. Finds it quickly* Squeeeeeee, Faaaaaaang, I loooooooooove you!! Awesome cover. :)

Ooooh, what's this, a new book by Kenneth Oppel? Could it be...*picks it up* it is! Starclimber, the sequel to Airborn and Skybreaker! Ah, finally some luck at the library!

Pop, by Gordon Korman. Wait, is that the Gordon Korman of the On the Run series and Son of the Mob? It is! What's Pop about....? *peruses* New town, football, old man, former NFL linebacker...I'd be worried with any other author, but I'm getting it because Korman's never disappointed me. Can't wait!
*walks to other side of books* Oh look, there's Holes. Hmmm, I wonder if Sachar has written anything new. Small Steps was so unique, I'd love to see what he'd come out with next... Wait, could it be? The Cardturner, by Louis Sachar. I know I'll like it already by the cover! Kid helps old, rich uncle play bridge. Nice. Perfect Sachar material; he'll ace it. *no pun intended*

What a great day at the library! I don't think there's anything else I could get that would make me happier! (Well, Mockingjay, but, well, we've been there.) *crafting aisle* Need to get a book on jewelry-making because I've gone beyond my knowledge. Eek, creepy manga-reading guys on craft aisle. Slip over to cinema aisle to avoid creepy guys and see Dear, Mister Rogers. I've read it before, but I extend my hand to pick it up and peruse while I wait for the manga crowd to leave...Somehow, my hand brings back Monty Python Speaks!, which is all about Monty Python. Not sure how that got in my bag, but it did. :)

Creepy guys are gone, I'll go get my jewelry book. I wrote 745 on the paper and screwed the decimals, but, wait, all the crafting books are 745... *takes longer to find jewelry book than intended*

Gets Longitude, which was the original intent of the library venture.

*walks back, sees movie cover of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King* Oh, Aragorn... To Mom: "I love these covers!" *Mom does not care* Legolas is on The Two Towers cover. *sighhhhhhhhhh* *peruses other Tolkein books* What is this? The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth: A complete guide to all fourteen of the languages Tolkien invented? Suh-weet! "Mom, mom, look at this!" *Again, Mom does not care. In fact, Mom may or may not have rolled her eyes*

Thus, I am very happy - and very overloaded with books that I will never find time to read but must read. Have you read any? Give me thoughts - but no spoilers, por favor! :)

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JE said...

Haha--this totally sounds like my trips to the library!

Now only if I could return the books on time so I stop getting late fees....