Out of the Caffeinated Loop

I don't have a caffeine addiction. I don't even have an out-of-control chocolate addiction.

I feel very un-writer-ly. I mean, you're not really a writer on the blogosphere unless you're addicted to some sort of something. Cases in point: Erin MacPherson recommends sugar highs, Krista Ashe assumes that we're all on caffeine overdoses, Jennifer Daiker drinks 'a lot of caffeine' before she writes, QUERYPOLITAN makes sure you don't overeat while you're stressing over your book, and then, today, Tahereh posts this hilarious WebMD graphic that diagnoses one as a writer with too much caffeine.

Is something wrong with me? Did I not get the memo? I don't write and eat (well, I am now, but it's museli and it's my breakfast, and I would never write my book while eating). I barely write and drink. There's a constant cup of water on my desk, the occasional lemonade, and that's it. Chocolate I reserve for post-morning-runs; it's my reward then, but it never coincides with writing.

Is it because I tend to get healthy amounts of sleep? Because it's making me slightly sad that I don't have a caffeine addiction!

Is there anyone else out there who writes and doesn't eat/drink/otherwise indulge? Represent!

After this post from T. H. Mafi at QUERYPOLITAN, I feel to the need to mention that I do indeed LOVE chocolate. Love, love, love. But I just don't snack on it.

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