Virtual Writing Knick-Knacks

**We interrupt your regularly scheduled post to announce that I wrote 2000+ words yesterday!!!***


Um, this means I'm happy. Quite happy.

And your happiness was worth interrupting the regularly scheduled post? Seriously?


*sigh* So...you just popped in to tell us you wrote over 2000 words. Wow. Big deal.

It is a big deal! I haven't written over 2000 words in one day since *checks graph* August 24. That's, like, almost a month! This is a huge deal!

You know, when other bloggers have *huge deals,* they have contests, giveaways, you know...

It's not *that* big of a deal. When I get signed by an agent, I'll have a giveaway. How about then?

Better finish your book first. *pouts* Don't you have anything to give away? Anything?

*thinks* *rolls eyes* Okay, well this is kinda lame, but I have these documents that I made. They hang on my bookshelf right beside my desk, and they...encourage me. Maybe they could be printable-outable for some of my author friends?

Or maybe not.

Or maybe not. But either way, here ya go:

This one is the more recent, inspired by and copied from this marvelous post over at the League of Extraordinary Writers. Thank you, Kurt Vonnegut. (Yes, I left one out for my own reasons. We can talk about that later.) When you click and make it full-size, the image is exactly 8.5"x11."

This one I made a while back. It was copied from Lisa Rector's 11th Hour Checklist to avoid using too much ink. (So if you've got unlimited ink, go download Lisa's!) Click to enlarge.

So there you go - more stuff to put on your wall. Because you don't have enough stuff on your bulletin board/bookshelf/wall/post-it notes.

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Cruella Collett said...

Tee hee, I definitely think this was worth interrupting the scheduling for. 2000 words IS a big deal, especially when it's been a while since you've had that kind of flow. So congrats!

And those are great tips. I might have to print them out myself when I clear the wall above my desk from thesis post-its.