Covert Operations

Yes, I know I haven't been very interesting this week. I'm sorry. I've been busy trying to figure out a *gasp* college schedule for the spring. :P Don't feel too badly, I haven't even been responding to emails.

BUT - you may remember that I won The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner from Sara B. Larson several months ago. Remember?

Well, Sara is in a slight quandary. She had 200 followers, blinked, and only had 199. All this as she was planning her 200 follower party! Now, because Sara is an amazing person, she's going ahead with the contest (today she posted her prize ideas and asked us to vote - no matter which one wins, it's going to be GOOD).

Okay, here's where the covert operations come into play. Sara doesn't know I'm writing this post. She didn't ask for more followers on her blog, she didn't ask for any promotion. But I'm on a mission to get her past 200 followers! ARE YOU IN?

If you're not already a follower, go right now and follow
You'll be so glad you did! She has a knack for helpful posts, funny posts, informative posts, just all sorts of REALLY GOOD WRITING! You won't be sorry you followed, I promise. She's an authoress after my own heart!

Besides, there's a good contest coming, and you wouldn't want to miss that. :)


Sara B. Larson said...

How stinkin' cute and sweet (and sneaky!) are you?! I can't believe you dedicated a whole post to try and help me get followers. Seriously. And that you had so many nice things to say about me. Thank heavens for google alerts so I could find out what you did and thank you for it! ;) Wow, I'm kind of speechless actually. Just thank you.

P.S. And also, you should still enter the contest even though you won that other one. Especially after this post! :D

Stina said...

Darn it! I think I'm already a follower. But I'll go check just in case. :)