Housekeeping, As It Were

Well, I honestly thought I'd be back to a regular posting schedule once NaNo was over. Guess I was wrong. :/ Sorry, to all those who have showed up to see nothing. Sorry if I haven't visited your blog. Sorry to my lovely (and very, very patient) beta reader, whose notes I have not yet finished.

Let's see...since I can't think of anything deep/intriguing/otherwise interesting, I'll give a quick writing update.
  • Ivolet - should be editing. Am not editing. All my friends ask me what's up with it. I should be editing. And integrating my BR's (beta reader) marvelous notes. And writing my query letter. (Haha, I typed 'query later,' which is more or less what's happening.) MUST. PRESS. ON. MUST. NOT. GIVE. UP. PERSEVERANCE. EQUALS. PUBLICATION.
  • Jenn Alistor (Aftertaste of Revenge) - should be on the back burner. Am writing and creating and filling plot holes like there is no tomorrow. The ending 'came' to me the other day (I never have endings for any of my stories), and I'm rather unfortunately obsessed with this story. Not that I'm writing a lot of words, but my brain is working overtime. I love how it's turning out. (Perhaps more on this later?)
  • NaNoWriMo (The Mistress Facaade) - NOT. For all those (if any) who are wondering if I have future plans for this book - I don't. I wrote major, major crap (my ever-loyal, non-writer friends do not believe this, but I have no intention of giving them the MS to prove them wrong), and the muse has left me. I still like the story idea, but if I ever go back to it, I'll start from the beginning (though I may incorporate some things from the NaNo speed-writing version.)
Since my posting schedule is rather nonexistent, I'm going to try a Mon-Wed-Fri thing and see how it works out. In the past I've tried to hit 4 out of 7 days, but, of course, that's rather inconsistent.


Stina said...

Query later is my new motto. For if you do not query, the rejections cannot come. ;)

Sorry to hear your NaNoWritMo project didn't go anywhere in the end. Maybe that's why I don't participate. Slow and steady wins the day. Just ask the tortoise. ;)

Shelley Sly said...

Haha, "query later." :D

Thanks for letting me know what's going on. I figured you were just busy with post-NaNo stuff. ;) I'm not querying until January, so you still have a few weeks before I *really* need your replies, haha.

Also, once you write your query, would you want to exchange those, too? I've had mine critiqued, but not by anyone who has actually read the book. Let me know!