To/From Myself

A Letter to Myself...from Myself

Don't give up. Your book does not suck.
It does! You don't understand! I totally had that character come back from the dead!
It's okay. You can fix it. Don't give up.
But it's taking so loooooooong...*sob*
But you're so close to finishing it. Look - *this* close!
But I caaaaaan't! *starts sobbing*
*pats on back* It's okay! You've only got a little bit more to go. You're on the home stretch!
*looks up* The home stretch?
The home stretch. I promise. You're almost done, and then you get to write a query! What do you think about that?
A query? *pause* *bursts into tears again* I'll never be able to write a good query! I can't even write a book which means I can't write a query 'cause a query's shorter!
You'll ace the query.
What if no one likes my book?
Do you like your book?
*sniffle* Yeah.
Okay then. That's what matters. Did you do your best?
That's all anyone can ask for. Don't give up. Okay, dear? Don't give up.
*deep breath* Don't give up.


Shelley Sly said...

Don't give up!! I've read your whole book and I think it rocks!

I know we all have those down moments, but if you're ever really desperate and thinking about giving up, shoot me an email. Seriously. I will talk you out of giving up. Because you've got an awesome book, and I'm waiting to see it on the shelves. :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I'm feeling at a low point myself. Cliche but true that if there's no pain there's no gain. Savor that pain.