Fans of [Insert Book Here]

Query-writing. Almost done. The summary part is done. It's the last paragraph that's killing me.

Fans of this aspect of this book will like my book!

I don't know if I've never read a book like mine...or am I drawing a blank of every book I've ever read?
  • Forbidden romance
    • Twilight, Vampire Academy, Mortal Instruments, Hush, Hush, In the Forest of Hands and Teeth
      • Problem: I've never read them.
    • Romeo and Juliet
      • Problem: I. Am. Not. Comparing. My. Book. To. Shakespeare.
    • Mark of the Lion series
      •   Problem: Has anyone heard of it?
  • Twist ending
    • The Thief, Across the Universe
      • Problem: Are these books been read by anyone besides me? Do I really have a twist ending?
  • Strategic heroine
    • Princess Academy, The Goose Girl
      • Problem: What the heck is a 'strategic heroine'?
  • Princesses
    • Gail Carson Levine's books, Shannon Hale's books, Robin McKinley's books
      • Problem: It's hard to phrase this aspect with the title of one book. You can say "the princesses in GCL's books," but it's hard to say, "the hard decisions of royalty in Shannon Hale's The Goose Girl."
All Comments Appreciated. Thank you. :)

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