Covers. I love covers. Shiny, catchy, question-inducing covers. Graphic-heavy covers. Simply white covers. Covers that make me wonder. Covers that give the book away. Covers that don't. I just love covers. Can't judge a book by it's cover? Maybe not. But...

You can definitely decide to read a book...by it's cover. :) Especially in this day and age, especially when choosing between YA books. I swear, YA probably has the best cover designers in the bookstore (because teens are visually oriented, I suppose). There's just so much...color. These people are brill. Especially when they start creating those covers that only make sense after you've looked at it about a dozen times, like this one. (Think it's two blobs of goo coming from the left and right and meeting in the middle? Think again. It's okay. I thought that's what it was for, oh, two months.)


 But then something awful happens. Publishers publish the same book...with a different cover. And you have to choose. And, um, it's a horrible choice to have to make.

What on earth do you do when this happens? How do you cope? How do you choose? Or do you care? Does anyone else share my cover obsession?


Stina said...

I noticed that happens a lot when a YA hardback book is made into paperback form. But more often than not, the new cover is even better.

I prefer the original version (photo) of GONE. That's what grabbed my attention when I first saw the book. I never would have picked up (and read) the photoless one.

Sky Destrian said...

Aw, thanks, Melody! :) Yeah... finishing my book was a lot more quiet than I expected it to be. It was kind of strange. I felt excited, but all I really did was write in my journal about my accomplishment, close the notebook, and go to sleep. It still is a beautiful feeling, though, and I have been doing a ton of jumping around in the blog comments! *jumps up and down for effect* See? ;)

Question: How do you link your email address to your profile?

Sky Destrian said...

Oh. And I was going to say... I love book covers too! You're not alone on that. ;) Um, for Across the Universe, I think it's two volcanoes or something, and one is upside down? *has no idea* It looks like shiny blobs to me. I both love and dislike optical illusions at the same time... :-/