Blogging About Blogging...Or Not

Last week I proposed that I blog about blogging, having been at it a year. Never mind that everyone's already beaten that topic to death, I thought. If they're all writing about it, there must be people that want to read.

It was my first post in a week and a half that garnered 0 comments.

I think that's telling. Very telling.

And in honor of that, I'm not blogging about blogging this week. Which is kind of a relief, considering that I don't really consider myself an expert on the subject.

But I am staying on a certain topic for the rest of this week (and possibly next). I've long wanted to post a Facebook note, for my non-writer friends, detailing the publishing process in layman's terms. I want to gracefully tell them that finishing a book doesn't mean it's ready to send out, and that sending it out doesn't mean it's the next NYT bestseller. Any thoughts on what I should include??

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