Rite of Passage

So I've had like three ideas about what to write today, and now I can't remember any of them. Should have taken Jody Hedlund's advice and started a blogging notebook, though something in me resists the idea of a notebook just for blogging. But should I resist? It's working quite well for her.

One of the things on my blogging possibilities list - located inside my mind, and barely anywhere else, unfortunately - is a few posts on blogging itself. Yeah, I know it's been done. But I've never done it, and it's practically a rite of passage for any blogger to blog about blogging, right? And since I've been here over a year (What's that you say? A blogiversary post of all my accomplishments and celebrations since February 2010? I will. Not yet. That's a lot of typing.), I figured I may actually have something to say on the subject. Maybe.

But only if you ask questions. Ask me anything about my first year of blogging - anything you want - and I'll be answering them next week! Or the next week. Or the week after. :) Depends on my topic-producing macine, hehe.

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