Scientific Analysi & Cute Penguins

Yes, we're still on the writer's block topic, how did you guess?

The weekend was good. I didn't force myself to write, just tried to scribble down whatever came. Unfortunately, I'm in the midst of re-reading the Alex Rider series, and while I'm getting a good lesson in pacing...Jenn is quickly turning from haunted heroine to bad-a super spy. (I even wrote a scene where her pursuer ended up getting hit by a train. Seriously? That's definitely Alex, but it's definitely not Jenn. Yep, we put that one in the deleted scenes folder.)

But I think I got some good stuff. Kind of. I'm having to delete some of my favorite characters, which is sad. They're presence is just not needed in the current plot anymore. Le sigh. But I have a new character. He's dark and tall and handsome and I'm not sure how he ended up here because another love interest I do not need. At all. But he's almost making up for having to delete the others.

Though I still need a motive for a sixteen-year-old girl to kill an eighteen-year-old guy. Something not quite accidental, but still understandable, though not exactly justifiable. That sort of thing. Should be easy, right? :P (I think I may have finally nailed it down, but if you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to share.)

And that's...all I have for today. I feel that I should leave you with something besides my complaining scientific analysis of the writing process, so, um, here's a cute video of a baby penguin.

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