*Ever* In Your Favor

As soon as Facebook alerted me to this link, I knew I would blog about it.

And Meredith beat me to it.

But I'll blog about it anyway, because I'm that excited. About that. That right there.

Truth be told, I was both satisfied and suspicious when they announced Jennifer Lawrence to play Katniss. I'd seen the Winter's Bone trailer and knew she had the grit to pull off Katniss. But she was also blond in Winter's Bone, and even though she was hard-core, she looked frail. But I have faith in Hollywood makeup. They didn't disappoint.

The girl on the cover of Entertainment Weekly is Katniss. Small and thin, but determined. Utterly determined. Utterly, completely, seriously, no-holds-barred...

Oh my gosh I'm so freaking excited right now, I should probably just STOP typing to avoid a complete fangirl tizzy! And also to avoid any further adverbs.

Welcome, Jennifer Lawrence. We the audience cheer you on as you enter the world of Hollywood and YA-novels-turned-movies. May the odds be ever in your favor.

(No, the irony of this post directly following yesterday's post has not escaped me. I have no excuse.)


Lisa Gail Green said...

Okay - I was so excited to see that picture that I nearly Squeeeeeed so loud I woke up my kids. The picture is PERFECT. Love that last line and I agree - may the odds be ever in your favor!!

Meredith said...

HAHA! I love it!!