The Queen's YouTube Channel

I didn't stay up to watch the royal wedding. I thought about it, I really did, but something in me rebels against the hype, however much I adore monarchies in general (besides, I've always been Team Harry). So I discovered the Royal YouTube Channel this weekend (what better thing to do with one's Saturday morning) and watched all the official highlights. My thoughts?
  • PrinceHarryPrinceHarryPrinceHarry
  • She rocked that veil. I want one.
  • Live trumpets declaring the arrival of Her Majesty - I have traveled back to my favorite time.
  • Prince William's steadfast refusal to turn around and see his bride. And whatever Harry said.
  • The um, ring, seems to be, um, somewhat, um, small... I laughed. I'm sorry.
  • I recognize that road. It was in The Queen!
  • The bells, oh!, the bells!
  • Allergic to horses, puh-leeze. I shall never forgive the new Duchess for refusing the glass carriage, especially after she rode in the open carriage to come back to the palace. Never, ever, ever.
  • The Welsh Guard. I cannot see their eyes. I cannot take them seriously.
  • The balcony kiss! The balcony kiss! *squee* :D Perfect ending!
I'm actually not sure what to do with the fact that the British Monarchy has its own YouTube channel. It's just odd. One would not usually say that the monarchy and YouTube mixed.

Did you stay up to watch? Or did you just YouTube it like me. :) What are your thoughts?


Anne Gallagher said...

I caught the wedding when I woke up. My favorite part was the kiss. Absolutely.

Stina said...

Even though I'm British, I live in Canada and had no intention of getting up at 3 am to wake it. It's bad enough I get up at 5 am to blog. ;)

I did watch some highlights on TV. Do you realize, we got the best seats than anyone in the church? Most of them couldn't see what was going on. :D

I loved the ceremony and I LOVE Kate's dress. Gorgeous.