Skins, and Other Cool Things

(So...this is the post that Blogger ate, and I didn't realize it was eaten until last night. Of course I found it after I wrote a new post for today, but I wanted to get this posted while last week's e-book discussion was still somewhat fresh. So, without further ado...)

Yeah, I'm still on the Kindle topic. Last Wednesday's post and last Tuesday's post could be read to say that I don't think Kindles are taking over the world anytime soon. And I don't, not really, because you can still buy CDs at Walmart.

So traditional publishing is not dead? And we shouldn't indie-publish? Spare me. Please. I don't know.

The list of why traditional publishing will live on is a long list. But so is the list of why e-books are taking over the world. And after my last two posts, I feel I should add two thoughts to the e-book list:
  1. There's a Kindle app for Windows. I discovered this the other day when an author was giving away his book free on Kindle. I wanted that book, but I had no Kindle. So I perused Amazon and discovered that there's a Kindle app for Windows. Downloaded it, downloaded the book. It's all there, just like that. (Note: I have yet to read the book. My laptop is heavy, and I'm not big on reading long portions of text on its screen. So it's probably going to have to wait for a road or sky trip.)
  2. I saw a teenager with a Kindle. Maybe this means nothing. But up 'til now, the people I've seen with Kindles have been adults. This was a 14, 15, maybe 16-year-old girl engrossed in her digital book. The Kindle had a trendy skin...
  3. Kindles have skins. They are therefore cool. Personal opinion, but I'm 20, so my opinion should sort of count for GenY.
Sorry, there were three reasons there. I had no idea that they made skins for Kindles, and, honestly, that makes a huge difference to me. Anything customizable like that always catches my fancy. (Desktop screens make me happy.)

Got anything to add to the publishing-lives-on list? What about the Kindle-rules list?


Stina said...

I download Kindle books on my iPod Touch, though I mostly download Kobo books on it. (There's a very good reason why I support Kobo over Kindle).

Paul Greci said...

I don't have an e-reader but know people who read more books because they have a kindle or an I-Pad.