Breaking Rules & Feeling Normal

 Here's the thing about rules: I don't break many. I like rules. They keep the world in order and make me happy. But today is the day that Elana Johnson's Possession is revealed to the world, and, the main character, Vi, is all about breaking the rules. And her friend, Nichole -- Elana's friend, not Vi's -- wants to know when we've broken the rules to celebrate Possession's release

So I'm wracking my brain trying to think up what it was I did that I wasn't supposed to do. It's true, I've broken some writing rules:

I confess to using an adverb. Or two. Or twenty. Or two hundred. And it's true, I did send out those queries that one time when I knew that the whole book was a "practice" run in the publishing trenches.

But what about real life? Something almost as exciting as holding hands with a good boy in the park as Vi does.

She had a driver's license and I didn't, even though I was older. But she hadn't had it long enough to merit Dad's approval. The rule was no driving with someone under 21. I knew it. But it was late, and I'd just experienced a very giddy night - probably the most giddy-stupid you can be without being drunk or high or anything illegal. And it made somewhat logical sense for her to drive me home. At 11 o'clock at night. I knew the rules. But I'd already broken the no-flirting rule that night. I was on a roll.

When I arrived home, the parents asked me who had brought me home. And I cannot tell a lie. I got the best worst lecture ever. Like a teen chick flick. Like Hannah Montana, except with less lenient parents. Don't you know we were worried? Don't you know the rules? Where was your phone? Why didn't you answer?

My phone was in my purse because we'd been playing in a (legally playable) fountain and I hadn't wanted it to get wet. I hadn't had the presence of mind to check it later.

I was sorry. I did regret it. I still do, and, if I could go back, I wouldn't spoil such a fun evening with chagrin and regret and shame at the end of the night. But, I've made the most of it. The event is my one typical teenage moment. Why didn't you answer your phone? You're late. Who did you ride home with? What were you thinking? I mean, for a moment there, I felt very, very normal.

When did you break the rules?


Windy Aphayrath said...

I'm glad you've made the most of it! And sorry that the fun night ended not so fun, but sometimes, some rules are meant to be broken, if for no other reason than for you to get a chance to hold onto a sparkly and splashy memory!

erica and christy said...

Haha - when I grew up, there were no cell phones. If your parents were worried about you, they got in the car and drove around until they found you. Yes, VERY embarassing!!

ali cross said...

There's a lot of us rule-followers in this bunch! Great post Melody!

Nichole Giles said...

I love this experience. And I love how you wrote it. You rule-breaker-you! Thanks for joining us on the blog hop.