Help. Please.

I read all your lovely blogs via RSS Feed (even though I follow). However - the feed reader I'm using has pushed one button too many, and I'm looking to relocate.

Do you use an RSS reader to read your blogs? Which one? Do you like it?

Someone help me! There's too many choices.
Rules Guidelines:
  • An ability to group feeds into folders
  • Keywords (that I set up) would be nice
  • Some sort of starring system, maybe?
I'm not sure if I want web-based or not. I have my reasons for both ways. :) So please, hit me with all the info you've got! What do you use, and would you recommend it?

1 comment:

Stina said...

I just use the Blogger dashboard. There's no way I can actually read all the blogs I follow. It just depends on when they post and when I read (or if the blogger comments on my post).