Beautiful People, July Edition

Yes, I know I've missed - what, two, three? - Beautiful People meme-things. You know, the awesome thing that Sky and Georgie set up to find out more about our characters! But even though I've missed some, I'm in interview-the-character mode. So, here you go. The character in question is Jenn Alistor, 17, the MC of Those Who Trespass. {Ooooh, do we have a title? A tentative one, yes...}

What is her biggest secret? She was absolutely devastated when Alan Ford died.

Has she ever been in love? Before the story takes place? No.

What's her comfort food? She likes hot chocolate. And apparently lemon meringue pie.

Does she play a musical instrument? Her mom made her take piano lessons in kindergarten, but she doesn't remember anything she learned.

What color are her eyes? Hair? Her eyes are gray, and her hair is brown.

Does she have any pets? No, her dad was allergic, and her mom was afraid of dogs.

What is her favorite place to be? Alone.

What are some of her dreams/goals? She wanted to break a track record at her high school, get a track scholarship to college, and maybe even run in the Olympics.

Does she enjoy sports? Yes, very much so. But not so much team sports as much as individual ones like track {and not relay races}.

What is her favorite flower or plant? White roses.

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