Well, I'm Back

Well, I'm back from my adventures {about which I blogged every day here}. I was at worship school - which is what some may call a spiritual arts school - any way you look at it, I had a blast, and coming home is a bit like coming home from a cruise. Although cruises don't have people commenting on how much you've changed - for the better. :)

But I digress. This is not my 'omgosh-my-awesome-trip' blog. This is where I blog about writing.

I didn't write while I was in Redding. I had no plans to. However, I did intend to write last week {last week being my first week home}. I told my writing accountability partner that I would return to my minimum scheduled writing.

My minimum scheduled writing was 5 hours. I wrote for 1 hour and 17 minutes.

I know. I rock. :)

By writing-accountability-partner knows it, too. :D [insert sweet&cheesy girlish grin here]

Today, I'm back. Back to stories, back to words, flexing muscles that have gone unused for over a month. Hopefully that hour and 17 minutes last week was enough of a warm-up because I've got EDITING AND REVISING to do!!!! :D

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Meredith said...

YAY! You're back!! :)