Share the Love IX

I love Roman numerals. They're so official-looking, and dignified, and they're practically in code.

For your Friday delight, I give you the best of this week's blog reading. Feel free to pick one you haven't read! And if you've read them all, then let me tell ya - you've got good taste. :)

{There's a few extras today from what I've read from WriteOnCon. I still haven't caught up on all the loveliness that went on there, but the stuff in red are what have stood out so far...even if it's almost every WOC post I've read.}

Be Inspired: Made By Sheer Determination, by Nichole Giles, author of The Sharp Edge of a Knife

Be Encouraging: Dear Readers: Your Favorite Authors LOVE You, by Jody Hedlund, author if The Preacher's Bride

Plot Plots: Writing 101: Raise the Stakes!, by agented author Lauren Hunter

Be Compact: On Compactness, by literary agent Weronika Janczuk 

Be Romantic: I DON’T CARE THAT HE’S HOT: Building Believable Romance, by editor Martha Mihalick

Be Querying: Writing A Great Query Letter, by literary agent Jim McCarthy

Give It 100%: Moments that Matter, by Matt Myklusch, author of the Jack Blank adventure series

Be Qualified: So You Wanna Be A Writer?, by Amy Fellner Dominy, author of OyMG

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