Giggles & Good News

I got the giggles yesterday. After my is-there-a-finish-line post, I'm surprised. But a couple things happened:
  • I got some {lightening fast} notes back from the beta, and they confirmed what I was thinking - this time, for good. That is to say that scenes/chapters I had great hopes about...seem to be as good as I thought they were. Which is a nice change from thinking I'm going back to Square 1...
  • Apparently, Square 1 is a long way behind me. :) :) :) I rounded some mountain today, still not sure where, or how, or when, but it feels like I've been pedaling upandupandupandup, forcing my feet down on the pedals, wondering if I'll ever make it to the top, and suddenly, without warning, I'm speeding downhill.
    • Sure, there's still stuff to work on. But the worst of my epic scene extensions/rewrites seems to be completed-ish.
Anyway, I smiled so much yesterday - about writing. Isn't that odd? To smile about writing? Usually I'm tearing my hear out, or face-palming, or pounding my forehead against the desk. Yesterday I was smiling - and giggling, laughing out loud, for reals. It was a good day.

It was also a good day because Shannon Whitney Messenger had epically awesome news! I am so crazy excited for her!!!! :) Her blog is a constant source of both entertainment and encouragement, and it's about time the whole world knew how awesome she is. :)

Anyway, it was a good news day. A giggle day.

What about you? Any Good News/Giggle Days recently?


Shelley Sly said...

You SHOULD be smiling! Your book is awesome! You've worked so hard, and the finish line is in sight! Go for it, girl!

Paula said...

From one who wonders, still, if the finish line exists, I now feel inspired.

Thanks for the reminder to keep on pedaling.