I finished my query yesterday.

I know, right! Total whoa-ness! And total-I-don't-know-ness. I feel like I've been putting together some sort of puzzle for the past month, a puzzle where all the pieces are words and plot points and characters that must be arranged and rearranged and re-rearranged into something worth reading.

For a month. A month. I've spent days on single sentences, made lists of dozens - no, maybe scores - of possible wording sequences and wonderings of whether or not this aspect of the story should be included.

And yesterday, I finished it. Of course, I'm sure I'll edit it. Hopefully not drastically, but one never knows. Ha. I've sent it off to the magnificent beta-reader, Shelley, and we'll see what she thinks.

But I'm getting closer...

NaNo update: 15907 words :)

And since I'm on break from my query, guess who's outlining a new story............ :) :) :) :) Epic dystopian world-building, here I come! :)

Any new developments on your writing? Do tell...

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AimeeLSalter said...

Congrats! I look forward to hearing about all those submissions in the coming months :)

Now, do you want to write mine because I can't STAND writing query letters and I have a new book to sell... (Kidding) (Sort of).