Such A Big Story

I'm breaking away from the humor section on Pinterest to write this blog post. {If you do not have a Pinterest, you are both missing out on one of the internet's most engaging activities...and avoiding the worst timesuck of your life. Let's just say it's addicting. Set a timer. Obey your timer. And if you can't, thou hast been warned.}{However, the humor section has given me so much laughter that I'm probably adding several years to my lifespan. In which case, all that wasted time should cancel out. In theory.}

I was describing the dystopian WiP to a friend of mine, whom I shall call Athena, because I can, and she wants to read it. This is...well, this is lovely, but it's also bad. Because it's not written yet. Because I don't have all that much of a story. I have a girl who wears {brown} leather vests, a prince with a streak of blue in his hair, a bomb, a German shepherd, and a rebellion. In a nutshell.

I'm at a place right now where I must decide how big the story is. When it began, there was only the matter of the rebellion as far as life-threatening external conflict went. But now I'm wondering, what if there was a bigger threat, a threat from another country or something intending total extermination. I don't know. I could play it all Hunger Games-ish and focus in on the first book, then pull out to the big picture later on.

Which brings up the question: How many books is this thing? It's in two parts that could be made three, but I'm not sure they're long enough to be books. Or maybe they will be, once I insert all this plot stuff that I haven't yet figured out.

So many questions. Such a big story. But I'm going to write it.

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This is where I stand behind you doing that round-arm thing over my head and woofing like a dog.