Three Lines

After weeks and weeks of agonizing writing, of inserting words and taking them out again, of ending hours of work with only a handful of words to show for them - if that - there's been some breakthrough.

Query-wise, an arrangement finally came that made a semblance of sense. I came to the minute where I realized there was nothing more I could do without another pair of eyes, at which point I sent it off to Beta Reader Shelley, who had the quickest turnaround time ever and sent it back that night. Her notes were spot-on.

I'd pretty much rewritten the query {except for a few good lines that needed to stay}, and I was hoping I wouldn't have to do a rewrite again. I thought I may have to, though. Then I wasn't sure. The time comes when query-writing where you have no idea if your work has any merit or value or sanity or coherence at all. {This is when you send things to awesome beta readers like Shelley.}

I didn't have to rewrite. Basically, I have only three lines in the query that need work. Compared to the previous demolition of the first query, this was definite improvement.

THREE LINES. Three lines until I'm finished with the thing. And I will finish. Want to know why?

I've promised myself that there shall be no more White Collar watching until I finish this query. This, I promise, will work. Especially since my White Collar day is tomorrow. Oh yes, query-writing is definitely happening today.

What have you used to motivate you to finish those drag-your-heels projects?

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