Friday Five: Writing Places

Well, I'm returning to the Paper Hangover bandwagon. Every week, blogs fill my inbox answering a question...and I always want to answer, too! So here I be, and Friday's question is:

What are your five favorite writing places?
  1. My desk. This is where my laptop lives, which means it's pretty much where I live, too. I don't have an office. My desk is my office.
  2. My bed. There comes a time when the formality of a desk is too much and I need to be able to relax while I write. Which is when I move to my bed. It's awesome.
  3. My front porch. The afternoon sun hits my front porch just perfectly. To sit and write and enjoy the weather and sunlight and beauty, and maybe the used-to-be-indoor-thinks-he's-an-outdoor cat rubbing around my legs...that's bliss. {My laptop battery recently took a turn for the worse, which has put a damper on the whole porch thing.}
  4. My grandmother's guest bedroom. Not kidding. There's not really anything to do in there {read: no distractions} except for the TV, which means that I can focus on writing like nobody's business.
  5. The tech room at church. I do some tech stuff at my church, which means I'm often there during the week editing video. That room is silent. You can't see in. The door locks. And until recently, I didn't have internet, which made it focus paradise.
What about you? What's your favorite writing place?


Shelley Sly said...

Ooh, I like the front porch one! But yeah, my laptop battery's not so great either, so I couldn't do that.

I mostly write at my kitchen table. I have a desk, but it's in a shared office with my husband, and he plays loud video games in there. :P Sometimes I'll take my laptop to a coffee shop or a library for a change of scenery, though.

Robin Allen said...

I used to sit on my purple couch in my living room with my netbook and write. I recently got a loveseat in my office, so I've been writing there, but it's too close to my distracting, internet-connected PC, so I'm thinking I'll move back to the living room. I got a lot of work done there.

I'll sometimes go to Maui Wowi after church on Sunday and fiddle around with poetry. The other day, I wrote a fun one about a surfboard.

Lydia Kang said...

I write everywhere. On my bed, on the floor, at the kitchen table, at cafes and coffee shops...basically, almost anywhere!