Pen and Ink

So I got the video working on yesterday's post after realizing, late at night, that it wasn't working. Alas. I liked that post, but it made no sense without the video.

Yesterday I found myself at the library without my laptop. {Which explains why I didn't notice that the video didn't work on my post until late.} I had my book on physics, which I am enjoying, and my composition notebook, and my pen.

I also had eight loaned novels waiting for me at home, which meant that browsing and checking out any fiction was absolutely forbidden.

I can only read about physics for so long. Nothing against physics. I love physics, especially the chapter on sound. But goodness gracious, I can't read about it for two hours. So I found a table, took out my composition notebook and pen, and decided to work something out for the TWT sequel.

It worked. Pen and ink works! There is something about the quiet, about the simplicity, the absence of other options. There is no wi-fi, no Facebook, no Pinterest, no email {that simply must be checked because of possible incoming requests from agents, yes}, no minesweeper. Just paper with blue lines. Just a pen. Just a story, just space for words, and words alone.

It was beautiful. I got some stuff figured out plot-wise, but even more important, I started enjoying writing again. It's been a while. But there is nothing as romantic as pen and paper to make you fall in love with story again.

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