Literary Jam & Toast

Okay {omgosh, my shift key is working!!! I spilled water on my laptop yesterday and endured much grief and strange beeping and lack of shift keys, but now it's working!!!!!}.

But I digress.

Here is what I was going to tell you yesterday: I'm guest blogging at My Literary Jam & Toast, also known as the illustrious blog of young adult writer, Mia Hayson, today {as in, today-today}.

I love Mia's blog because she's so very whimsical, and I had too much fun writing my guest post because I got to be even more whimsical than my normal whimsy. So. Here be the guest post.

I would be delighted if you'd go read it, and even more delighted that through it you are being introduced to Mia. Her blog is delightful, no two ways about it.

{To all those who wondered if I had agent news, I apologize for the suspense. Hopefully my guest post makes up for it.}


Shelley Sly said...

I read it and I loved it. :D And also, I'm excited that your shift key is working again. Hehe.

Traci Kenworth said...

Going there now!!

Meredith said...

Great guest post and I'm glad your shift key is working! Also, agent news suspense!!!