That Problem

I told someone recently that I didn't have that problem. You know, that problem. The one where you send out queries and then check your email every five minutes because, who knows, somebody might have replied! I said I didn't have that problem.

And I didn't. When I said it.

When I said it, I was perfectly at ease with sending out queries and promptly forgetting them. After all, I was used to getting rejections. So no replies were a good thing. No news is good news kind of philosophy.

It's been a week - nay, more than a week, a week and a half - and I've received no rejections. I would worry that the agents never got my queries, except that some of them have automatic responses, so I know this is not the case.

And I'm going something just short of crazy. I've got to know! Because...what if, what if, what if?! I'm a writer, which means I have an overactive imagination. And do you know what an overactive imagination does when left to wait on query responses? It overactivates. Oh my gosh, they love it! They hate it! They're reading it! They hate it! They haven't even looked at it. They adore it! They don't know about it!

*clutches one hand to my chest* ...the suspense...it's killing me...

So when I said I didn't have that problem...I lied.

Have you queried? Do you have that problem?

Also, and completely unrelated to this post, I just finished Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking series, and, um, the guy is brilliant. Brilliant. I am in awe. I may even be of the opinion that Chaos Walking > Hunger Games, despite the rotten tomatoes that are sure to come.


Anonymous said...

I'm facing down this problem myself right now. It's both torture and pleasant to open my inbox. Here's hoping we both hear good news in regards to this.

Andrea Mack said...

It's so hard not to hopefully check the in-box..oh, like every 5 minutes. I try to get absorbed in a new project so I don't think about it so much.