That's Just...Love

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I forgot. I went and saw October Baby and neglected things like blogs.

Speaking of, that movie was legit. I swooned over the romance. Yes, yes I did.

I'm not often a chick-flick person. There are three--now, four--chick flicks on my love list: August Rush, Leap Year, October Baby, Pride & Prejudice. I love to *squee* at the romance, but most chick-flicks just do not do it for me.

And I started wondering why, which led me to considering the common denominators of the aforementioned four. The romance in August Rush is enduring across time, committed despite hardship. Leap Year is probably the most shallow in the list, but nobody sleeps with anybody, and Declan is, though annoying, a sympathetic gentleman. The guy in October Baby--classy. Honorable and classy. And sweet. And caring. Which can be said for Mr. Darcy, too. Not sweet, maybe. But definitely honorable and full to the brim with class. All of these guys cared more about others than themselves, when it came down to it.

Commitment. Class. Selflessness.

These are my favorite romances. I don't need the characters to end up in bed together after two days of dating. I need them to love each other, to be committed to each other, to honor each other, to think of each other before they think of themselves. That's love.

That's the love I want to watch in a movie. That's the love I want to read in a book.

Commitment. Class. Selflessness.

That's just...love. Straight-up.

And if I can write that kind of love, I will have done well.