• I'll never finish a novel.
  • I'll never end up with a novel that I like to read.
  • I'll never come up with a decent query.
  • I'll never get a partial request.
  • I'll never get a full request.
  • I'll never get an offer to revise and resubmit.
  • I'll never get an agent.
  • I'll never get a publishing deal.
  • I'll never get a second publishing deal, after the first one.
  • I'll never be a NYT bestselling author.
  • I'll never be on a real, bookstore shelf.
  • I'll never have a book signing.
  • I'll never have a book signing booth at a convention of some sort.
  • My book will never be translated into other languages.
  • My book will never be a movie.
The point, my friends, is this.


AimeeLSalter said...

LOVE this!

I'm still without a computer, so I hvaen't been able to get on here. (on hubby's tonight - sQUEE) How are you?

I'm totally pointing people at this. This is awesome.

AND WHO ASKED YOU TO RESUBMIT?! (Okay, so you can't comment on that, but perhaps you could 'accidentally' email me...?)

Traci Kenworth said...


Shelley Sly said...

Girl, you've come SO far! I have so much hope for you! I know you'll make it and I will be so extremely happy for you when you do!!