Writer's Block {That I Do Not Have}

Sorry for the radio silence last week. And the week before. It's been a crazy, sleep-deprived two weeks. But life is finally settling down.

  • An agent to whom I had sent a partial requested a full. And wrote back quickly after I sent it to her. And inquired as to my writing experience. And wrote back quickly after I sent that. She seems quite friendly, and I really, really like her. Needless to say, I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear back. {Have I been Twitter-stalking? Maybe. Just a little. Guess there's a first time for everything.}
  •  I've decided that I must, no excuses, finish a manuscript draft by the end of August, when school starts. I need writer's block off my mind going into college. {Not that I, um, have writer's block...}
  • I've been returning to a dystopian that's been in my head since before dystopian was a genre, from the days when Margaret Peterson Haddix was the only bleak, totalitarian-government author you were going to find in the kid's section. My dystopian is not working. I have no villain, not one with a face, anyway.
  • So I started work on another dystopian. An ice-skating one. {As we all know, ice-skating anything is fantastic.}
  • Although I'm actually supposed to be working on my TWT sequel. Or the contemporary that already has 20K words.
  • But enough about the writer's block that I do not have! I *drumroll please* have discovered the Notepad app for Kindle! For $0.99, I can make notes of up to 3000 characters {which is a lot, as far as notes go} and save the things as .rtf files to transfer to my computer. {I haven't done that yet; will let you know how it goes when I do.} Which basically means...I can write when I don't have my computer. Like when my brother has my computer. Or when I'm in the bathroom. {Yeah, whatever, you know that's where you get your best ideas.} Or when said computer is off. Because I know that turning it on also turns on the time-suck that is email/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/blogsblogsblogs. Anyway...it's a little sad because my lovely Composition notebook has lost it's primo spot in my purse. But it's nice because my purse just got way smaller. :)

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Stina said...

LOL Well I'm glad you don't have writer's block, cuz that would suck. :D