Am I rethinking all the character stuff I said last week {Post 1, Post 2} about how Captain America was boring because he was flawless? Yes. {I still think he was a bit boring, but I'm not sure now if it was because he was flawless. It may have been because he was so invincible.}

What brought me to this conclusion? Will {Heath Ledger} from A Knight's Tale. He has no flaws. He's very interesting. But not invincible.

Am I going to write a post stating that characters must be invincible and that flaws are optional? No. I think I've dug myself a deep enough hole.

Have I found another interesting character example? Yes. King George VI from The King's Speech. {Have I mentioned that this is one of my favorite movies of all time? It is.} Flawed? Yes. Insecurity. Heroic and honorable? Yes.


Sarah said...

Yes, absolutely--every hero/heroine has to be vulnerable in some way. Otherwise there's no tension at all. And a good story would focus on how the protagonist overcomes obstacles despite that vulnerability. Very interesting posts!

Traci Kenworth said...

True if they're invincible, it's not reality.