Plot Breakthrough

Plot breakthrough! That's what happened to me this morning! It's like I've been pushing and pushing and pushing a huge boulder to the top of a hill--you know, that guy who never made it to the top--and my steps were so very tiny that I was going absolutely nowhere, and then, suddenly, without warning, it just tipped over the edge. The boulder, not my tiny steps. And I just stood there with my arms and legs aching, with grit sticking to the sweat on my face, and breathed. And wondered, because I was totally thinking it was impossible to tip this boulder over the edge.

Of course, there's a gazillion more boulders and a gazillion more cliffs to tip them off the edge of. {Off the edge of? Off the edge of? Jamie Kincaid!}

But I'm very happy right now. I feel as if I can work this thing out. There's a plot! There really hasn't been a plot all the way through, just a great fabrication of one, and so this is exciting. Finally exciting. It's been very far from exciting so far.


AimeeLSalter said...


*Hands you a towel*

Anne Gallagher said...

Yay! Good for you. It's amazing how you feel when the book falls into place.