Good News & Bad News

Well, the bad news is, I kind of missed my "finish revisions by the end of June" deadline.

The good news, I really am making progress. Really!

The bad news is that I feel like my story is lacking its internal conflict.

However, the good news is that the external conflict is falling into place quite nicely! And adding the internal conflict won't be difficult.

Bad news: I have to go back and add the internal conflict. And a bunch of other things, too.

The good news, I'm really glad I'm revising. It's so much better than it was before!

Or, it will be. We're getting there.

Also good news: As my BiC {Butt-in-Chair} partner, Robin Allen, prepares for the release of her second book (Stick a Fork In It, Midnight Ink, 2012), the first book (If You Can't Stand the Heat, Midnight Ink, 2011) is available for FREE for Kindles everywhere. I would take advantage of this, if I were you.

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AimeeLSalter said...

I checked yesterday and today... my Kindle fire says the book is still $9.99...