Second Time Round

There is nothing better than seeing a story come together. Even though I'm revising and feeling like the whole thing is in pieces, I'm discovering that, well, it isn't.

This is my second time through, and already there is improvement. There are fewer things to change. Believe me, there are things to change. But not as many, yeah? It's a good feeling.

But it's also odd to read the story with the first-draft revisions, as it were. I've changed things. The romance shows up sooner. Things are "tied-up" sooner. And it's making me wonder if I still need my original last chapter.

But I liked my original last chapter! I really did. And I'm not sure if cutting it will be one of those heroic sacrifices that a writer must make...or stupidity. Not sure. We'll find out!

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Traci Kenworth said...

It's fun discovering the jewel beneath the coal. Good luck!!