About to Embark

Yesterday, I sent an email.

"My revisions are done," it said.

So now I guess I wait.

This particular agent originally told me that she wanted the manuscript in hard copy. Three hundred and thirty-five pages, my friends. Which equals $26 at Staples. I'm hoping that she replies back to me and says that a Word document is fine.

I can hope, right?

Now I'm about to embark on, well, a lot of things, actually.

College starts next week.

And I'm beginning a new trilogy book {let's not get ahead of ourselves}. Writing, not reading. I'm not going to say much about it just yet. Young Adult. Dystopian, but more of a Blood Red Road dystopian than The Hunger Games or Insurgent. Basically, no one's claiming a perfect world.

And I'm ordering textbooks and marveling at how over-the-top God has provided for this whole school adventure. Wow! He's rather brilliant.


Sky Destrian said...

Indeed, He is. ^.^

Ooh, your trilogy book sounds so exciting. I'd love to hear more about it sometime.

Also, congratulations on having contacts with an agent! That's more than I can say and I am quite proud of you for coming this far! :D

Creepy Query Girl said...

Hey Melody! Just a quick line to say you are missed and I included your blog on my 'Oh How I Miss You!' blogfest entry today!