Deceptive Little Picture

I did some research today. I stalked a year and a half of Amanda Hocking's early blog in a "How Did You Do It?" quest. I went over to visit J. A. Konrath and the brilliant indie authors that share their stories. Then I hopped over to Amazon to research the technical side of indie publishing.

Summary: It's a lot of work.

I knew that already. I did. But I also had this deceptive little picture of uploading my book to Amazon and watching hundreds of people leave it five-star reviews. How were they supposed to find out about my book? I don't know. Deceptive little picture didn't mention that.

Apparently I thought it ended when I uploaded. It doesn't. And then I wonder, "Why don't I query the revision?"

It will take just as much work, maybe less.

I'll tell you why: I can't stand the thought of another revise-and-resubmit. Despite the fact that the results of my one trek down that road were stunning for my MS {though not for its publication}, the thought of revising again is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Is this a choice of time spent on marketing or time spent on revisions {for agents or editors}? How can I think this way when I've been so set on the indie-publishing thing?

Should I try one more time? More importantly, can I survive one more time?

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