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Now that the e-book of Those Who Trespass is out, I can give you a little insight into the process of creating an e-book for Kindle! I wish I could do long, drawn-out posts, but those are a bit dull to read...and I don't exactly have the time to write them. So instead of meals, we're going to have snacks. :) Good, appetizer snacky snacks. Brie and grapes and crackers today. And if wine is your thing, I hear it adds great things to the combination.

{Sorry for skipping out on you yesterday. I stayed up until 2am doing homework and the blog slipped my mind. :/ Yay, college.}

Kindle Resources

  • Building Your Book for Kindle*
    •  This is a free Kindle e-book, published by Kindle. It has, if not everything, then almost everything you need to know. Paragraph indents, table of contents, how to save your file, cover design tips, and answers to all your other niggling questions. Get it. Read it {it's not too long}. This is not an option.
  • The Kindle Direct Publishing Support Forum 
    • This is where you can go to get answers to the random questions that come up, as well as trouble-shooting. It's maintained by authors just like you, and many of them have been around the block a few times.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing: Getting Started*
    • Once you've read the e-book, come here and read everything. This is an overview of the entire process, from start to finish.
* Read these before you start! They're not optional. They're not something to skim. They're not already covered in this How To E-Book series. They're necessary. Take the time to read.

With that, the How To E-Book series is complete. I'm looking forward to the coming days, where I can talk about how it feels to have a book out, about authors, how this paperback would probably lose a race to a snail, my upcoming book release and signing, and how CreateSpace customer service rocks. But that will have to wait. 'Til next time!

Posts in the How-To E-Book Series
Kindle Resources {this post}

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Things You Didn't Think About: Pricing, Percentages, Descriptions, Sample Pages
Formatting Tips: Hard Returns, Paragraph Indentions, More Paragraph Spacing
Formatting Tips: Margins, Fonts, Justification, Paragraph Spacing, Tabs 
Formatting Tips: Heading Styles

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