Take A Sabbath

If you haven't heard yet, the paperback of Those Who Trespass is finally available on Amazon! And you can still get the Kindle version, as well.

In other news, I wrote over 2000 words yesterday. Not on the TWT sequel {it's a standalone novel, most definitely, but I have ideas for what comes afterward} some-other-super-secret-thing else. :) It's still so hard to get into the rough draft game again. I guess that difficulty never really went away while I worked on TWT revisions.

The reason I was able to write those words while being bludgeoned by college {three tests this week, yay!} was because I've made a diehard decision this semester to "take a Sabbath." I didn't do this in the spring, and the end-result was that I was exhausted spiritually and emotionally...and my grades didn't even show all the life I poured into them. So I thought I'd try something different this semester. Trial and error, right?

Every Saturday evening, sometime after 4pm, I stop. No more homework. No more studying. No more logistics of book signings. No more emails. And I keep it that way for 24 hours. A weird time for a Sabbath, I know, but it worked with my schedule. {I wanted to have a late evening as part of it, which nixes the "day off" idea.}

During those 24 hours, I relax. I turn on worship albums like this and tell my God how good He is. I get all the empty dishes out of my room and into the dishwasher where they belong. I watch Doctor Who {still trying to get myself into that show, but I'm trying} until I get tired of the dark and creepy side of it. I read {I finished Shadow and Bone this weekend; loved it}.

And sometimes, if I feel like it, I write. The kind of writing I do when I want to, not when I have deadlines looming. The writing that was why I fell in love with writing in the first place.

What about you? Do you make yourself stop to rest during the week? What do you do then?

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